Membership in the Association


The National Columbus Celebration Association seeks to honor not only the memory of Columbus and his historic achievements in linking the Old World and the New, but also the higher values that motivated and sustained him in his efforts and his trials.  Those virtues - faith in God, the courage of his convictions, dedication to purpose, perseverance in effort, professional excellence, and boldness in facing the unknown - are as needed today and in the future as they were in his time.


The Association invites individuals and organizations who identify with our purposes to join with us in these efforts.  Members receive a gold-plated membership pin, a membership certificate suitable for framing, an invitation to the annual meeting with the right to vote, a copy of the minutes of the annual meeting and your name listed in the program published for the annual celebration.  National patrons will be listed in the annual program book and will be sent a copy of the program book upon request.


Annual dues are as follows:


Organizational member (business, professional, nonprofit, patriotic or fraternal) - $75.00


Individual member - $25.00


To fill out an application for membership, click here.

NCCA Membership Pin

NCCA Membership Certificate

National Christopher Columbus Association - 5034 Wisconsin Avenue, NW - Washington, D.C. 20016-4125